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Decorative or Stylish Lighting


We can install many types of lighting options, including:


Recessed Lighting – These fixtures sit in alcoves in the ceiling and offer a nice ambiance.

Media Room Lighting –Create the perfect mood with dimmable strip, sconce, track, or ceiling lights.

Art Lighting – Highlight a wall, decorative piece, or artwork with lighting options that accentuate specific focal points.

Pendant Lighting - Hanging lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, kitchens, and stairways.

Whole House Rewiring


Rewiring an entire home is a large and daunting project, but there are many long-lasting upsides. It will help protect your home from electrical fires and protect your appliances from electrical surges. Rewiring will also ensure your property is up to code, covered by insurance, and capable of being resold. According to expert estimates, professional rewiring can increase the real estate value of a home by thousands.

Ceiling Fan Repair, Installation or Replacement


If you need a ceiling fan installed, repaired, or updated, the electricians at Bright Idea are ready to help you. Whether you need the wiring fixed or you need to add a ceiling fan to a different room, there’s nothing our team can’t handle. We care about our clients’ safety and comfort, so we guarantee 100% satisfaction that’s backed up by our reliable electricians. Our electricians are highly skilled, licensed, and trained to handle any electrical repair, installation, or replacement.

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